I decided to make this site as a personal project and as a space to talk about 3d platformers! They aren't super popular, and when they are, they're generally talked about in the context of whatever franchise they belong to, or as a triumph of indie developing, but rarely are they talked about in relation to each other. There's like, one guy on youtube who's made a name for himself going over them and not much else in terms of people talking about these games as a whole, so I figured I'd shoot my shot in a neocities blog. This is a revival of something similar I'd tried before many years ago on another site. Maybe I'll keep up with it this time?

Here's a list of some of my favorite non-3d platformer games:

here's what I'm playing currently!

To readers: Don't expect this blog to be pretty. It's a nice, long term goal, I guess, but writing is my priority here. I know that I could just download a premade theme and use it, but I'd like to know what all the code on the site does before putting it on, because then I'll actually be learning something. For right now though I expect to just add links to other site pages here. It's not pretty but it works!

Here are links to the other pages on the site!